Metabolic Health & Medical Weight Loss

Metabolic Health & Medical Weight Loss Programs

  • A minimum 6 month evidence-based customized program provides sustainable individual plans, education, support, and remote monitoring to reclaim metabolic health.
  • No supplements, medications or meal replacements are required. Through restoration of hormonal balance to control hunger and satiety, optimal weight can be obtained.
  • All dietary preferences will be accommodated including vegetarian, ketogenic, carnivore, low-carb, paleo, paleo-autoimmune protocol, plant-based, protein-sparing modified fasts, and intermittent fasting.
  • First 2 – 90 min appointments are in the comfort of our office one week apart with remaining 60 minute visits virtually every two weeks. Remote monitoring will be offered at cost to our clinic.
  • Up to 4 lab draws are included.
  • Patients will receive a New Patient Kit which includes a Keto Mojo and starter strips, blood pressure cuff, informational cookbook, one year subscription to and, subscription to Cronometer.
  • Currently, we are able to accept patients who are located in Idaho for their initial visit.

Base Pricing:

6 Month Individual Program: Starting at $1,880

  • $1,880 minimum one time payment
  • Option of a maintenance plan thereafter for $125 per month

Discounted Rates for Couples: Starting at $3530

  • 6 Month couples rate: $3530 one time payment.
  • Couples can share appointment time, but plans will be customized to individual needs.
  • Option of a maintenance plan thereafter for $200 per month.

Services included with metabolic health and weight loss programs

  • Nutrition and lifestyle counseling
  • Monitoring of electronic blood pressure cuff
  • Keto Mojo and starter test strips
  • Informational Cookbook
  • Metabolic Blood Tests; CBC, CMP, Lipids, A1c, TSH, HSCRP, Homocysteine, Glucose, GGT, Vitamin D, Insulin and C-Peptide
  • Ongoing communication with primary doctor
  • Anti-obesogenic prescription medications if indicated and desired
  • Frequent communication via phone, text, email, or video conferencing
  • Supplements Recommended by provider
  • Membership to for 1 year
  • Membership to Chronometer app for 1 year

Call us for more information and to schedule your free Meet & Greet at 208-217-3485

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