About Dr. Ramon Issa

Dr. Issa graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 2001. He completed his Residency at the Toledo Hospital Family Medicine Residency in 2004 and received the Resident Teaching Award from the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. Dr. Issa began his solo private family practice in Ohio in 2004. He transitioned to Emergency Medicine in rural, critical access hospitals in 2006 and in 2008 began working for a Mayo Clinic satellite Emergency Department in Owatonna, Minnesota. Since then he has continued to work in other critical access hospitals in Minnesota. In 2014 Dr. Issa became the Medical Director for Loma Linda University Health East Campus Urgent Care. This is where Dr. Issa's life and the way he practiced medicine changed. 

Dr. Issa grew up being very fit, physically active and involved in sports. As he started his medical career there was less time for these things and his personal health started taking a toll. As the amount of time that he had to devote to eating healthfully got less and less his weight became greater and greater. After his own father passed away from metabolic related health problems Dr. Issa looked at his own life and realized that if he didn't so something he potentially may not even live as long as his own father. At that time Dr. Issa weighed 308 lbs and he had many health problems. In May of 2017 Dr. Issa started thinking "outside the box" of medicine that had practiced with his patients and started implementing in his own life, principals that changed the way he practiced medicine and his own health. He didn't have a surgical procedure or start taking a special exotic supplement or sign up for an expensive gym membership. He knew that that because he wasn't always overweight and his body wasn't always sick that his body could get better by changing his lifestyle and nutrition. Over the next 100 days Dr. Issa lost 94 lbs and transformed his health and felt better then he had in years. 

After transforming his own health many people have wanted to know what he did and how he did it. Because of his natural love for teaching, Dr. Issa has developed a simple plan for his patients to follow that will change their life too. His general practice of medicine has changed as well and he no longer is looking for a drug to prescribe to fix your ailment but is looking for why you have this ailment in the first place and what could you change about your diet or lifestyle that could actually fix it. There are times when prescription medication may be necessary but we would prefer to find the root cause of the problem and it would be better than managing the symptoms with potentially life long medication use.

About Dr. Ramon Issa's Credentials

Dr. Issa is board certified in Family Medicine and has over 20 years of experience in Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Emergency Room and Hospital Medicine. Work experience includes private practice, the prestigious Loma Linda University Health System and the world renowned Mayo Clinic.

About Off Grid Doc

At Off Grid Doc your privacy is of the utmost importance and that is why we take great care to keep your medical information secure. We do not use electronic medical records and only have physical paper medical records designed for this type of practice. Your personal medical records are not kept or maintained on a computer anywhere and thus are not accessible on the internet as all traditional electronic medical records are. Rest assured that the security and privacy standards are exceptional. Also, because we do not contract at all with insurance companies or the government, we are not obligated to provide your records to them. We would only send your medical records to them at your written request.

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They Say

Peter Strauss

UI Designer

" Ramon is a personable Doctor and a great friend. He is very encouraging and he has lived what he's talking about so you can trust that he knows what you're going through.."

Jason Preisner

Self Employed

"I lost 40 lbs. in 71 days following Dr. Issa’s plan he followed. You can do it too!"